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Thursday, November 16, 2006

We're Hiring

This is an invitation to ambitious and dynamic individuals like you to join us.

Our Agency force is collectively the largest and the most productive in the entire unit trust industry in Malaysia, enjoying the best benefits in the industry.

Top 10 Benefits
  1. Unlimited income
  2. One of the best commission structures in the industry
  3. Passive income and flexible working hours
  4. Overseas trips, public recognitions and awards
  5. Sales contests, incentives and campaigns
  6. Professional sales and advanced IT tools support
  7. Integrated training and coaching series
  8. Be your own boss and lead your own sales agency opportunity
  9. Incentives and subsidies for agency building
  10. Fast Track career promotions, bonuses, insurance coverage, and much much more...

When only the best will do for you, join Public Mutual!

Unit Trust Industry:

The local unit trust industry is a multi-billion ringgit industry because of its vast untapped potential. In a period of less than 13 years since 1992, the amount managed by private unit trust companies grew from a mere RM400 million to RM43.6 billion!1 That's a whopping 108 fold of growth. Meanwhile, for every RM1 the Malaysians have in private unit trust funds, the have about RM4.5 in fixed deposits.2 For you this translate into plenty of opportunities to tap into and earn potentially an unlimited income. The highest total renumeration ever earned in one year by a full time Public Mutual's Unit Trust Consultant was a huge sum of RM1.5 million!

Public Mutual's Profile

Public Mutual is Malaysia largest private unit trust company and have been serving Malaysians for more than 25 years now. The company manage over RM 4 billion in EPF funds under the EPF Members Investment Scheme (Source:EPF). Public Mutual currently enjoys the trust of more than 800,000 accountholders and manages 32 funds with over RM14.3 billion in net asset value (As at 29 September 2006; The Edge-Lipper, 9 October 2006)

To find out more, please e-mail:

  1. Source: The Edge Lipper Fund Table, 14 November 2005
  2. Source: Bank Negara, Monthly Statistical Bulletin - October 2005. The Edge Lipper Fund Table, 14 November 2005.

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