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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Promotion, Promotion !!!!!!

Public Mutual has launched KLIFF Award Celebration Promotion Campaign. In this campaign investors will enjoy a special promotional service charge rate of 5% of NAV for cash investments (PII and PAI) made during the pcriod of 29 Januarv 2008 till 29 Februarv 2008 into the selected Public Series of Shariah-based Funds.

The Shariah-based Funds are:

  • Public Ittikal Fund
  • Public China lttikal Fund
  • Public Asia Ittikal Fund
  • Public Islamic Equitv Fund
  • Public Islamic Opporturities Fund
  • Public Islamic Asia Dividend Fund
  • Public Islamic Asia Balanced Fund

Well investors it is a double bonus for you if you invest right now as you are getting a lower service charge at a lower per unit fund price. The fund prices are lower right now as our local equity market are affected by the flagging US economy. You must look this as an opportunity to get a lot of unit trust at a cheaper will lower down your investing cost.


Nadlique said...

Salaam Kak Ti :)

Tumpang tanya, utk fund fund yang baru, unit trust agent dapat komisyen lebih ke kalau dia org dapat jual yang tu? Mcm yg consumer themes fund tu.

KakTi said...

Sama saje..tak de beza jual fund baru atau lama bg unit trust consultant

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