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Monday, December 17, 2007

Another New Goals to conquer!

I attend the Kick Off 2008 meeting today. It was a full house. A lot of people have to stand including me...I was 15 minutes late..hee..hee serves me right. Kota Bharu Public Mutual office should hurry their search for a bigger place or the next year meeting will be seeing people standing outside the meeting room on the stairs.
Well in the meeting that I can only hear but cannot see the speaker or the screen...the speaker had announce the 2008 Challenge and Incentive trip. It is Rome, Italy and Guangzhou & Gulin,China.
I didn't make it for this year Incentive trip...too busy doing other things..:)

In the meeting The Public Mutual rep also announce:
1) Starting 1/1/2008 all EPF investment service charge will be 3%. A drastic decrease of comission for the UTC also due to this :(
2) Starting 1/1/2008 also all cash investment service charge will be 5.5% only. Another decrease in the comission for the UTC. But good news to all investors and would be investors out there..:)

But good news to UTC the FD savings of individuals did not decrease at all despite the buying spree of Public China Ittikal Fund amounting to RM 1 Billion. In October it stood at RM225,445.5Million. According to the rep the FD amount is more than that currently. So it means that they are a lot of cash rich individuals that are waiting for all UTC out there to coax them to invest in a better investment vehicle. So good luck to all UTC out there...remember the person sitting next to you may be the depositor..:)

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