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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

PIDF will be accepting EPF sales (including switching sales) with effect from 20 August 2007.

The current special promotional servicec harge of 5.45% f NAV on EPF sales will be extended to include PIDF as well. This special promotion will run until 30 August 2007.

PIDF is an Islamic equity income fund that seeks to provide income by investing in a portfolio of Malaysian stocks that complies with Shariah requirements and which offer or have the potential to offer attractive dividend yields. This fund is suitable for investors with moderate risk-reward temperament who prefer to receive regular income while capital growth is secondary. Do take this opportunity to top-up your EPF investment in the PIDF fund.

The fund total return since it launched date of 14 February to 20 August 2007 is 36.75%

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