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Monday, June 25, 2007

EPF new regulation..

Unit trust management companies are directed by KWSP to stop accepting new EPF investments into funds with foreign exposure with effect from 21st June 2007.

Due to this new directive Public Mutual will only accept EPF investment for the following funds with effect from 2nd July 2007:-

1) Public Regular Savings Fund (PRSF)
2) Public Index Fund (PIX)
3) Public Islamic Balanced Fund (PIBF)
4) Public Select Bond Fund (PSBF)
5) Public Money Market Fund (PMMF)
6) Public Islamic Money Market Fund (PIMMF)

The new EPF investments into the above 6 funds made from 2nd July 2007 onwards are only allowed to be switched within these funds and any other funds which may be approved later.

Public Mutual also will be running a Special Promotional Service Charge of 5.45% (instead of the usual 6.5%) on all EPF investment invested into PRSF, PIX and PIBF from 2nd July 2007 until 31st July 2007.

The above 6 funds will not be investing abroad. So EPF investor grab this great discount, a big saving in service charge!

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